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Sligo League 2021

Sligo Cycling Summer League 2021 kicks off

**Sligo League Update**

There will be 10 rounds this year , starting on the 16th of June,

2 x TT’s

2 x Hill climbs

6 X Road Races

Attached are the dates which 9 are on a Wednesday evening, with the 2nd one down for a Thursday evening.

The first TT will be on the 16th , Running from Collooney train Station to Coolaney T junction and Back (13.3kms).

The second TT is around the lake , starting at the bottom of the Corkscrew hill and going to just beyond the Toyota Dealership.

The two hill climbs are in Leitrim, the first one they are using is “Saddle Hill” it’s out in manor somewhere !!

The second will be the Goal Cup and its using Moreagh this year .

TT’s are been run by IWCC & Hill climbs by Leitrim Glens..

The 6 road races are been split between us and YCCC , we will both run a round of the traders cup once each and out to Ballyfarnon and back once each , this makes up 4 races,

The other two have yet to be decided , Desi has to pick our route and YCCC have to pick theirs too, the reason we will run similar routes is due to paperwork that has to be done and to limit it for organisers, start points and finish points MAY differ on each route… some will start at Carraroe, some will start at top of Union etc..

There will be no Team prize this year.

For TT’s and Hill climbs , you will be competing in the category based on your cycling Ireland license

If you have an LC license the minimum you require to compete , you will compete against all the LC competitors and so on,

On a Race night the top 10 across the line will get points , it’s handicapped.

You will be sent off on the road based on your abilities, this is determined first by Stephen and then by the league committee, example if you’re a strong LC rider , you maybe racing against A4’s , if you are a Strong M50 you maybe racing with LC riders etc etc…

For showing up you get 15 points

Last year nearly 20 people competed in all 8 rounds, but only 7 rounds counted , this year it will be 8 from 10 rounds which will count towards your over all points total.. you can win the over all league and also compete on your own category.

For my sins to make sure people who compete in all 10 get recognised for this, I’m going to attempt to run a General Classification , with the lowest time winning, on a TT hill climb night the time the guys have wrote down is what you get, on a race night your time from Strava less your handicap will be what’s allocated to you , to compete in the GC , you will need a Strava account.

I’ve tried my best to list all above, I will fill ye in on information closer to each date.

The following are the details of the events :

Sligo League 2021

DateEventMarshalling Club
16/06/21Time TrialIWCC
24/06/21Road RaceBRC
30/06/21Hill ClimbLGCC
14/07/21Road RaceYCCC
21/07/21Time TrialIWCC
04/08/21Road RaceBRC
11/08/21Road RaceYCCC
18/08/21Road RaceBRC
01/09/21Road RaceYCCC
08/09/21Hill ClimbLGCC

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